Brokenness to beauty

Mental illness.  It’s a scourge of our modern society.  Everywhere it goes, mental illness leaves a trial of hopelessness, shame and brokenness in its wake.

But brokenness isn’t the end of the story.

In the ancient Japanese tradition of kintsukuroi, things that were broken became things of beauty as each crack and chip was repaired with a seam of gold.

Kintsukuroi Christians is a story of hope, because while all things have the capacity to be broken, they also have the capacity for redemption.

With more than twenty years of medical training, clinical practice and personal experience with mental illness, Dr C. Edward Pitt weaves a powerful narrative which educates and empowers.  Applying the timeless principles of the Bible and the best of modern science, Kintsukuroi Christians offers a roadmap to recovery and skills to enhance psychological health, helping to transform mental brokenness into a thing of beauty.


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